A Braided T-shirt

  I have a bad habit of wanting to “save” all kinds of things I really ought to throw out.  Sometimes it works out, like when I used my Mr.’s ratty old tshirts to make a bathmat.  Usually though, it just results in my having a bunch of extra junk I don’t need sitting around.
  Luckily, this is one of those rare occasions where my saving something worked out.  This is actually the same shirt that I’m wearing in my (much in need of updating) profile pic over on the sidebar there.  I’d gotten something on it that had left dark stains across the front and wasn’t wearing it as a result.  I’d found this post on t-shirt weaving and decided to give it a try.

  I’m going to attempt to walk you through what I did, but if at any point I lose you, I definitely suggest hopping over to the page I linked to.  She has extremely clear diagrams showing how it works.
  The first step is to pick the portion of your garment you want to weave/braid and cut your lines across it.  I decided to do a diamond shape on either side of my waist.  FYI, this sort of shape located at your waist makes it look itty bitty.  Score one for optical illusions.

  Once your cuts are made, stretch your strands out a little bit and take the strand second from the top and loop it over the top strap and back down to where it started.  Because of the shape I was working with, my “top” strands were the ones in the  middle where the widest cut was made.

  When your strand is back in the second from the top position, grab the third strand from the top and pull it through the hole between the two.  Pull it back to its position as the third strand down and grab the fourth strand, repeating all the way down until you reach the end of your strands.

  When you finish, it will look something like this:

  I decided I wanted further braiding on my opening, so I followed the same steps to add more weaving between the outer edges of the cuts and the braids I had just created.  I crossed my “top” strands to keep from having a giant hole in the middle.  The end result looked like this:

  Once I got the sides to this point I stitched the ends of the weaving in place.  I decided to add a bit of detailing to the neckline as well, creating a v-shaped set of slashes that I braided twice (this time doing the second set of braiding down the middle of the first instead of on the outside edges).
  The slashes cover up the staining that was keeping me from wearing this top and now I have another top to wear to my aerial classes that will protect my armpits.
  Be aware, if you choose to do this to one of your pieces of clothing, the braiding does make the garment fit more tightly.  That can be a good thing, but if you start out with a garment you’re already having to squeeze into, it may not fit by the time you’re done!

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