The Busy Girl’s Secret to Fresh Food

  The boys are running me ragged.  R has teeth coming through so he’s up at night and fussy during the day and G has upped his diabolical “make Mommy crazy” game to levels here-to un-imagined.  That means I’ve been kind of a flake.  I can barely keep track of my name, let alone what day I opened a jar of sauce, and who really wants to do a taste test to find out if something has gone bad?

  Instead, I’ve been breaking out my Sharpie and doing this:

  It was a total “oh…DUH” moment.  This way, if the jar gets shoved to the back of the fridge, or I fall into a temporal wormhole (as all moms occasionally do), when I discover that jar, I’ll know that, oh, geeze, this has been in here since mid-October and it’s May now! and throw it out.
  No opening up the certainly-disgusting-by-now jar for a horrifying sniff test…no questioning if it actually does taste funny, a cut and dry open date so I know how old it is.
  If only there were a solution just as simple to help me keep track of my 3 year old…

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