Preschool Tiger and a Masquerade Skirt- Halloween sewing ’13

  Ok, a late post today, but pictures as promised!
  First, G’s completed (?) costume.  He’s currently unhappy with the lack of a tail, and I’m a little unhappy with the lack of stripes on his sleeves, but, his baby brother needs something to wear, so I need to at least get something for R done before I perfect G’s.

  The pants I made from scratch.  I couldn’t find any orange pants, and pants aren’t all that hard to fabricate anyhow, so, whatever, but the sweater I bought and then added the tiger tummy and stripes to.  I try to occasionally not re-invent the wheel every time.
  My other project this week has been a bit of an insanity moment.  Wednesday a friend of ours posted about a masquerade event she’ll be performing in the orchestra for.  It sounds insanely cool.  It’s a recreation of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Masque Of The Red Death” with all the differently colored rooms, all sorts of different performers, and, one would assume, all of us dying of the plague at some point during the evening.  We decided Wednesday afternoon we’d go.  It’s Saturday evening.  Thursday morning I decided I needed to make a skirt for it.
   Because I don’t have small children or other obligations or anything, right?
  But, somehow, I managed to get this finished last night.

  In actuality, it’s a very simple skirt.  I put pockets in it, because, in my opinion, all skirts should have pockets, but aside from that, all this is is a giant tube of fabric, gathered down to be stitched onto wide elastic with a double needle.  I even used the selvage of the fabric at the hemline because, one, I liked the color, but two, that way I didn’t have to do any hemming.
  All in all it took me about an hour, maybe two to make, and most of that was gathering the fabric.
  So two costumes and neither one on people.  How rude of me, huh?  Sorry guys, but it’s too crazy over here pre-Halloween to try and do all the necessary makeup/hair/accessorizing at a time of day when pictures have any kind of decent lighting before the day of the event.  That being said, if you want to see my full masquerade costume (and probably the same will be true of the boys’ trick or treating costumes), follow me on Twitter or Instagram.  I’ll do my best to post pics there as soon as we’re all dressed!

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