How to Fix Broken Blush

  So I expect that plenty of you have found yourself in the same situation I did this weekend.  I was getting ready for the day and R was crawling around on the floor and he went for something he wasn’t supposed to have…and while I grabbed for him, my blush flipped upside-down, the circle of blush fell out of the pan and onto the floor, shattering into a bunch of little pieces.

  I about cried.  It was a brand new, fancy-pants, certainly-overpriced mineral blush, and it was now in a bunch of chunks on my bathroom floor.
  I’d seen a couple of pins on Pinterest about how to save it, but I wasn’t sure…would it work?

  Happily, yes!
  I dumped all the chunks back into the pot, dripped a small amount of rubbing alcohol on top to moisten up the really powdery bits and used a small knife to smooth it all out.  I set it up on a high cabinet (to keep curious fingers out of it) and let it dry.  By that afternoon it was ready to go again.
  Now, it’s not the prettiest solution…I, of course, couldn’t rescue the pretty little flower that had been pressed into the top originally or make it nearly as smooth, but it’s a nice, solid pat again that I can swirl a decent amount of blush off of, instead of getting clown-like amounts of pink powder.
  Long story short, if/when you drop one of your eyeshadows or blushes, don’t hesitate to try this out!

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