Curling Up With Winter Crafting

  It’s that time of year again…time to have 80 projects going at once, half of them gifts, all of them a quarter finished…

  Currently I have 2 main projects.  G has grown out of the scarf I made for him back when he was 1.5 and enjoying his first winter of being able to walk, so it’s time for me to knit up a new one.  I pointed him at my yarn stash and told him to pick a couple colors.

  He grabbed the navy and the (very) yellow green and I added the darker green, since I had a small ball of it and I thought it would tie the two together.  I’m doing it all in purl stitch to make it nice and nubby and warm and alternating the colors randomly to keep it from being too grown up looking.  Serious knitters, please ignore that I’m just winding the extra colors up through the side of my knitting.  I understand that it’s not the “right” way and that I ought to cut the tails and then weave them in and yadda yadda yadda…but this is a scarf for a not-yet 4 year old boy.  If I put too much effort into it, it just guarantees he’ll refuse to wear it.  His tiger costume pants for instance, have not gotten worn once since Halloween.  I’m doing my best to not throw a fit.
  My other project is the ongoing project that is my table cloth:

  We had our annual Friends’ Thanksgiving, and I can tell it was a success by the rumpled and food stained state of the table cloth alone.
  There were a few new additions, I updated G’s hand tracing (his big ol puppy mitts just keep growing!) and added R’s outline (just his hand…though an outline of the whole baby would be kind of hilarious…).  Keeping the table cloth up to date isn’t a huge time investment, but it isn’t one that gets done in a day either.
  I have a bunch of things I’m starting to do research on and work on that I’ll eventually share with you guys, but most of it is just in the planning stages right now.
  I have a recipe scheduled for Thursday, but I suspect most of you won’t be here since you’ll be enjoying Thanksgiving with your families.  The recipe will be waiting when you’re done.  In the meantime, here’s to a holiday season full of inspiration and plenty of time for creating!

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