BAD blogger, no cookie.

  Oh I have too many projects going on at once.  I didn’t do any sewing this week.  I didn’t even trace the pattern I intended to.  Man I’m a slacker.

  So this is the pattern I’ll hopefully get traced in the next few days:
  I do not love the styling on the envelope.  Whoa purple reign…and I don’t know what the deal is with the leg-warmer bondage boots, but I’m going to go ahead and not add them to my Christmas list this year.  That being said, I found this version on Pinterest, and am in love with it.
  A much simpler, prettier version and now I have to have it.  Thing is, I did that thing where I bought myself fabulous fabric from Haberman’s and now I’m terrified to cut it.  I want to make a muslin of this before I use the wool I bought so I can be sure I’ve picked the right size and that I don’t need to adjust the waist length to accommodate my crazy long torso.
  Have to trace the pattern before I can do any of that though!
  Hopefully I’ll have some progress to show you guys by next week.  In the mean time, I’m working on putting together a set of holiday gift tags I can turn into a PDF freebie that, fingers crossed, I’ll be able to get up by Tuesday!

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