My Preschooler Makes Better Paper Snowflakes Than I Do.

  This past weekend the Mr. and I went to a party where the hostess put out scissors and paper for everybody to make paper snowflakes.  This was an adult only party, but it wound up being a surprisingly good ice breaker!
  Monday morning rolled around and it had snowed outside.  G desperately wanted to go outside and dig in his sandbox, but I felt under the weather and really, really did not want to go out there.  I decided rather than being a total kill-joy mom, I’d figure out something else cool we could do.
  Like most little kids, G loves using scissors.  They’re forbidden most of the time, so holy cow does he want to cut up anything he can get his little hands on.  I figured paper snowflakes would be perfect.
  Problem is, while G is semi-competent with scissors, he’s not good enough with them yet to try and cut out shapes when it comes to many, many layers of folded paper.  Especially when you have to be careful not to cut through both sides of the folded flake.  And especially because little kid scissors aren’t particularly sharp (for good reason).
  He played for a while, snipping away, but I could tell that he was getting frustrated fast.
  I didn’t want him to get upset, but I wasn’t quite ready to call it a bust just yet, so we changed tactics.  Instead of him cutting, I gave him a pencil and asked him to draw a design on the folded wedge.  After he did, I did my best to cut along his lines (obviously doing some interpretations) to create the snowflake.
  Holy cow did the random squiggles, blobs and zig zags he drew make cool patterns!
  The very first one we did wound up looking like hornet faces.  The second like a flower…the third like jagged ice.  So long as we hadn’t already cut really close to the edge there I let G do the final snip, cutting off the tip of the triangle.
  We were both thrilled with the results and wound up decorating most of our living room.
  All in all a great experiment, and I think I’ll be making it a tradition with the boys, at the very least, til they’re able to cut their own!

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