McCall’s M6442- A Work In Progress

  Finally some progress on this sucker!  I needed to do some modifications for the length of my torso, so tracing the pieces for this took longer than it would have…and there are a pretty good number of pieces…and then I had to figure out what fabrics I had enough of to make a muslin, both outside and lining…and on and on and on.
  But, all the pieces are cut out and it’s just a matter of sewing it together now!
  …sometimes the best pictures come out of my checking my lighting.  This one made me giggle.  So serious and “strike a pose” for somebody who has a bunch of random scraps of fabric on her head!
  I’m honestly super excited for this “muslin” to be done.  The blue is from some secondhand curtains I’d bought years and years ago because they were like, $3 and I loved the fabric.  It’s horrible, plasticky polyester on the back, but all of that is going to be inside the coat, and the front is gorgeous!
  The patterned grey flannel you can see in these shots is actually the lining.  It won’t show much when I’m wearing the coat (that blue is a big, thick facing along the neckline edge so when the hood folds back all you see is the external color), but it should make it wonderfully snuggly and comfy.
  Fancy dancy lady on the outside, jammies on the inside.  My kind of piece.
  I’m a little worried this is going to wrinkle like crazy when it’s done…but…maybe it’ll wrinkle in a cool way?  We’ll have to see!


  1. I warn you, McCall’s M6442 (B) has improper instructions. The entire lining idea is wrong. I should have just followed my first mind and completed the project with my own modifications to the pattern. But no, I followed McCall’s directions. Be warned, when you connect the sleeves, the seem will show backwards in the garmet. Make the lining as a separate project. Connect the hood to the lining. Then make the coat and connect the coat neck to the hood. Pull the sleeve linings through the sleeves, wrong sides together and connect using the cuffs. Leave the sides open until the skirt portion has been attached, then sew the sides together from the top to the bottom. Tuck and topstitch the hem. Good luck!

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