McCall’s M6442- A Completed “Muslin”

  Just in time to wear for Christmas, I finished my “muslin” of the McCall’s M6442 coat!  It’s fabulously comfy and I got lots of compliments.
  I did wind up making quite a few modifications to this pattern.  First and foremost, my long torso needed an extra 2″ length to get the waist where it was supposed to be.  That oughtn’t be a problem for the average person…but my torso is anything but average.
  The rest of the alterations were to the sleeves.  I was using version B of the coat, because I really liked the hood and the longer skirt…I did not like the cuffs though.  It was easy enough to swap in the un-cuffed sleeves, but I noticed they seemed a little short…and like they weren’t going to have any facing at the cuff.  I really don’t like it when my homemade stuff looks homemade, and I think having the lining coming right to the fold of sleeve cuffs is a huge giveaway in that regard.  I used the same basic method that’s used on the opening of the jacket and stitched narrow bands of blue on top of the lining for the sleeves before attaching them to the outer portion.  This way there’s about an inch of blue inside each cuff before you see the flannel.  Much more finished looking.
  The other alteration to the sleeves was to make them narrower.  I stitched them up the way the pattern outlined, turned the lining to the inside and tried it on.  They were HUGE.  It made the jacket look incredibly frumpy.  Luckily, since I hadn’t sewn the lining in just yet, it was easy enough to flip everything inside out again and take them in.  I wound up taking 2.5″ off of each sleeve.  You can see the difference in the picture below.  The sleeve on the left of the picture is the original width, the sleeve on the right is fitted.  …I ought to have belted the jacket to keep it out of the way so you can see how much tighter it is around the elbow, but you can see the difference at the cuff.
  All in all, once I made the modifications, I’m pleased with this pattern and am looking forward to making my next version (as soon as I can get the guts to cut into that fabric!)

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