Back, with a Modified Schedule

I’ve been putting off writing this post.  Mostly I’ve been enjoying spending time with my family, but I’ve also been working on a couple of new projects that have been swallowing all my free time whole.  Which brings us to the modified schedule.  I haaaaaate admitting that I can’t do everything (that’s another part of the reason I’ve been putting off writing this…I was determined to figure out a way to find more hours in the day) but when it comes down to it, for my sanity and the sake of spending time with my kids/husband, I’m going to have to cut back on posting here.

  The Mr. and I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately.  Talking about goals and dreams and hopes for the future, and, aside from resulting in some really bad penny projects for the house, it also has gotten me questioning what I’ve been doing in regards to a future career.
  I put off going back to school this fall because of my postpartum anxiety.  The meds my doctor prescribed have me to a point where I feel normal in my day to day, but I worried that adding more stress to my daily routine this past September would be a recipe for disaster.  In the meantime, I started going to SEMi Crafty Meetups and got to know several lovely, local sewing bloggers.  One of those was Rae, of Made by Rae, who released a darling line of flannel fabrics this past September.
  Now, I’ve mentioned in the past that I got my degree in Apparel and Textile Design.  I’ve always focused on the apparel portion of that, but I certainly was trained to design textiles as well.  It just wasn’t something that occurred to me as being any more possible in our little corner of the Midwest than the apparel was until I saw Rae doing it.  Design is really where my heart is.  I haven’t been disliking the accounting stuff I’ve been doing in my classes, but I’d be a big, fat liar if I said I had anything resembling a passion for it.  So, I sat down with Rae and asked for some advice on getting started and she pointed me to Lizzy House’s e-book on getting started in the current textile design industry.
  The book is a fabulous how-to and I now have a list a mile long of things I want/need to get done before May, when I hope to attend Quilt Market.
  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen this teaser of my first piece:
  That piece is already up on Spoonflower, proofed and ready to buy as yardage if you like it.  I also have 4 prints up (but not yet purchasable) that I’ll be ordering proofs of as soon as I finish the coloration on the piece I’m working on currently.
  I want to have a couple of lines ready to go with me to Quilt Market.  According to the book, each line should have 4-12 individual pieces in 2-4 color selections each.  …I’ve got a lot of work to do.
  As well as creating the prints themselves, I also need to research the fabric companies who will be attending to get an idea of which companies would be a good fit for me and my designs.
  Like I said, I really would like to be able to do all of this AND keep updating the blog 4 times a week AND take care of my house and children AND sleep once in a while AND have a bikini body Gisele Bündchen envies (hey, we’re talking about things I want, not reality)…but I just can’t do all of that.  Quilt Market is mid May, so come June I’ll come back and reassess how things stand, but for now it’s going to get a little bare bones around here.  Obviously, I’ll still be doing creative stuff.  Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly and Creative Broads gotta create…so I’ll post when I have projects, but unless it’s something special the Mr. came up with, or really blow-you-out-of-the-water, have to share good, I’ll be skipping the recipes.
  If it’s going to drive you totally bonkers not knowing when I’m going to post, I highly suggest either tossing my URL into a reader, or, subscribe over on the left hand side there and any new posts will come directly to your email**.
  You’ll obviously be able to see my progress on the lines in my Spoonflower shop, and I will most likely be sharing occasional images here and on Instagram as well.  Please, please, please give me any feedback or thoughts you have on pieces as I finish them, especially if you quilt!  Thanks guys!
**Ok, so because I obviously don’t have enough going on, I’m finally moving off of this terrible free GoDaddy platform…so hold off on subscribing/putting me in a reader.  I wish, wish, wish I could figure out a way to just dump everything into a new service with the same URL, but that doesn’t seem to be doable, so it’ll be a new one.  I’ll post with the redirect as soon as everything is in order!

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