Portraits and Documentation

  Well, as expected, I’ve been running around like crazy lately.  I’ve added several new colorways to the collections in my Spoonflower shop, sketched up some new patterns and am working on colorizing them, have transferred quite a few more posts over here and oh, my children are still alive and my house is still standing.
  Please forgive my meager posts for the time being.
  As a little something for everyone to check in with, and because I’ve seen several other bloggers doing this, and adore the idea, I’m going to attempt to take at least one portrait of each boy per week.  At the VERY least every month.  They’re growing up so fast, and while I take plenty of pictures of them on my phone, I haven’t been doing very well with training my DSLR on them.  I want that to stop.  It doesn’t take that much time out of my day to grab my camera and snap a few shots every once in a while, and it gives me such great results.
(R has my eyes (so far), G has his daddy’s)
  Anyhow, I promise I’ll be back soon to show you some pictures of those projects around the house I’ve been talking about!

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