Fabric Fury- Designing like a Madwoman.

  Seems like the only things I’ve been creating lately are fabrics!  There are certainly worse things…I’m pleased with how things are coming together, but it doesn’t make for terribly exciting posts for you guys.

  I’ve had to learn a lot more about quilting in this process than I expected.  As someone who exclusively sews clothing, I’ve struggled with the idea of developing a line that contains lights, darks AND mid tone patterns.  It drives me crazy to purposely make fabrics that seem boring on their own (mid tones), even though I understand that you need those when you quilt.

  I’m pretty constantly tinkering with the collections, so don’t be surprised if you click through to the shop and it looks absolutely nothing like this, but at the moment at least, this is where the collections stand.
  Watch and See is just about to the point I’m comfortable with it being a completed collection.  I need to do a second colorway for the “sight lines” print, but then I think I can call it good for the moment.  The “Seasons” collection is going to take more work…including a different name.
  I have a couple of “homeless” prints that I designed with one of these two in mind, that didn’t wind up quite fitting, including this bird print:
  They were originally going to be summer birds to go with the winter trees and spring daisies…but the style just doesn’t mesh.  Sigh.
  I’ve had a few little sewing projects I’ve completed that I need to get photographed to post, including refashioning some long tank tops into leotards for my aerial classes, but the sunlight just hasn’t been cooperating for photography lately.  Once we dig out of the most recent polar vortex and see some sun I promise I’ll share!  Until then, I’d love to hear what you have been working on lately.

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