Weekly Portraits-The Second Week of February

Last weeks portraits were rather subdued and serious.  That’s not really my boys.  They’re silly, and constantly goofing around and giggling.  But typically, if they’re giggling, I’m playing, not taking pictures!

I thought this week I’d catch their goofier sides.

  Neither of these sets were terribly easy to capture.  G, especially, breaks out his cheesy fake smile when I ask him to smile for the camera, so I have to either get him when he’s NOT smiling, or actually elicit a laugh to get something genuine.  Patience is of the essence, believe me.
  The wee bit is a little easier…just play a round of peek a boo while snapping shots and he’ll chortle away.
  Same lens and general set up as last week.  I’ve only got 2 lenses, so don’t expect a whole heck of a lot of variation!

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