Weekly Portraits- The Third Week of February

Things have been quiet around here on the “creative” front.  I’ve been desperately trying to finish the scarf I started for G back in, oh, I don’t know, November?  For some reason I just haven’t had much inspiration to work on it.

I also suspect that somebody let a flock herd swarm of tsetse flies loose in my house, because I’ve been going to bed early, sleeping late and napping and am still exhausted all the time.  No, I am NOT pregnant…just, apparently dying of sleeping sickness.  Or, you know, trying to keep up with 2 energetic little boys who haven’t been able to get outside and play for MUCH too long.

G seems to have just as bad a case of cabin fever as I do.  Partly I think it’s the age, but I can’t help but believe that part of his mood swinging from saint to demon-spawn in 3.2 seconds flat so often has to be at least somewhat related to the lack of fresh air we’ve been getting as of late.

  R’s mood has been significantly brighter than, well, anybody else I’ve ever met…but while his giggles make it more adorable when he gets into things he shouldn’t, it’s still exhausting.  …and he’s hell-on-wheels fast now.  I’m not sure how much longer we have before this guy is going to be walking.  He’s definitely doing the thing where if he’s holding something in his hands he forgets that he’s not holding onto a piece of furniture and will stand, completely independently, for several seconds, before realizing what he’s doing and freaking out.
  He really didn’t want to let me get far enough away from him to get the camera to focus with that first picture.  Most of the pics I got of him are blurred because he was zooming towards me so quickly.  The second one, I had to include, because it so nicely showcases the little staticky puff of hair he has constantly had lately.  It seems fair to me that since he made my hair all exploded puff ball of static that he should have a matching ‘do.
  These guys both have birthdays coming up in the next week and a half, so hopefully I can get some good “cake” shots.  Meanwhile, I’m going to keep slogging along, working on fabric designs, knitting the scarf that just won’t die and, since we’re supposed to have a bit of a “warm” spell, hopefully getting these boys out for some sunlight!

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