Frozen- At Least It’s Pretty

  The “polar vortex” is bearing down on us here in Michigan yet again, and I got it into my head that I ought to go out and document the winter/snow while it was here.

  That was a terrible idea.

  Because we’ve had so much snow, and the weather has see-sawed back and forth between above-freezing and bitterly cold, our yard is full of knee deep snow with a layer of ice on top.  Snow pants do nothing for you when your foot breaking through the snow has to first go through a rock hard layer of ice that shoves your pant cuff up to your knee, exposing ankle and shin to the powder below.  I had planned to go exploring in the woods for shots, but only made it to the back of our yard before my legs got too cold and scraped up.  As a result, not a whole heck of a lot of pictures, but a few none the less.

  I expect that I’ll appreciate these more come August or so.

  The little herd of 6-8 deer that we occasionally saw this past summer have become regulars in our yard the last month or so.  I feel terribly for them, watching them migrate through my and my neighbors’ yards trying to stay in the pockets of sunlight without getting too close to the road or houses that have shown any signs of having anybody home.  Luckily, they all look pretty fat and healthy, if cold!

  I may attempt another shoot before the winter is over, but not until I dig out some snowshoes!


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