Weekly Portraits- First and Second Weeks of March

Well, I can’t swear the stomach flu is gone (we thought it was gone the other night and then G threw up again…) but things have calmed down enough for me to do a little bit of photo processing and posting at least!

First up are last week’s pictures.  G’s birthday was Friday (the last day of Feb) and R’s was Monday, so we had the grandparents over on Saturday and did the whole cake-and-presents thing.

  The cake was a creation of the Mr.’s…and was actually brownies that we frosted.  We sort of set ourselves up last year by making G a “Lightning McQueen” cake.  He had just gotten into Cars, and with my being due with R at literally any moment, we didn’t want to get a cake until the last second, just to be sure that we’d be home to serve it!  So instead of doing anything crazy, we bought a pre-made sheet cake (one of the ones with roses, that you see in every grocery-store bakery, everywhere) and plunked a Lightning McQueen Hot Wheel on top.  He loved it, and, as his birthday approached this year, not so subtly indicated he’d like another one.  He obviously didn’t need another Lightning, so we grabbed him an Iron Man figurine…his newest obsession.
  So it seems plunking a small toy on top of the birthday cake is now a thing.  …way easier than trying to do some crazy, detailed frosting rendering, so I’ll take it!

This week’s pictures are from a wrestling match the boys had on our bed.  G loves climbing on our bed, closing the curtains and using our canopy as a secret fort.  For some reason, that secret fort always seems to get wild!  I poked my lens through the curtains, and did my best to get some snaps when faces were showing.

  Don’t let G fool you here, he looks sad, or contemplative…what he is, is UP TO SOMETHING.   R kept dropping the planes and helicopters they’d been playing with behind the headboard, thinking it was hilarious when the Mr had to go get them, and G wanted to get in on that.  He was a little more sneaky about it though, and adopted this faux “I’m zoning out” look before dropping his toy.
  Pretty subtle buddy.  Not so subtle I didn’t see exactly what you were planning…but your Daddy didn’t catch it.  Granted, Daddy was also dealing with this at the time:
  I’ve been working on a huge overhaul of colors and new prints over in my Spoonflower shop, trying to make sure I have a couple of collections to go with me to Quilt Market in May, and once I get that pounded a little bit more into shape, I’ll write that up too!
  Thanks for your patience with the scarcity of posts everybody, it’s been a loooooong winter.

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