Weekly Portraits- The Third Week of March

  Ok winter, it’s time to let up…I’m getting tired of having the same square footage to attempt to come up with interesting portraits of the boys in.  Besides, the wee bit is a climber, and at this point, there’s very little inside the house he can’t climb onto, so all of his shots keep winding up thisclose when he comes barreling towards the camera.

  G is totally on-board with the “lets get OUT of this house” initiative too.
  He stumbled across his box of chalk in the basement the other day and was about rabid to get out and draw on the driveway.  We don’t really have any weather-appropriate, play-outside clothing for R, since he’s not walking yet, and all G’s hand me downs, it was far warmer when he was this age.  I’m not about to go out and invest in teenie tiny snowpants for a week’s wear, so we just waited til R’s nap and ran outside to play before lunch.

  Nothing real special about how I took these shots.  My usual, 50 mm lens.  Both were in Aperture Priority mode with natural light.  I’ve found a new technique that I’m playing with, but I want to get more comfortable with it before I write it up…the shots I’ve gotten so far are unimpressive.  Once I have a little bit of a better handle on it, I’ll explain how it works!


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