Quick and Dirty Macro Effect, without a Macro Lens

  Wanna see the new photography trick I learned?

  BAM.  Enormous G eye, GO.

  So you remember how I said that I needed to work on it a little more before I shared it with you guys?  That’s cuz I was trying to use this technique on the baby…and the cat.  Heads up, this doesn’t work unless you can get your subject to hold super still while you focus (by leaning backwards and forwards with your camera and trying not to shake while you take the shot).  Doing it with a 4 yo took a LOT of patience on both of our parts, and many, many tries before I got a decent shot.  Pretty sure I’d have to tranq the cat (or the baby) to actually get the pictures with them.

  I found this tutorial on Pinterest, pulled the lens off my camera, turned it around and started shooting.

  I’ve only tried it with my 50mm so far…need to break out the 18-55mm and mess around with it, but lordie are there not enough hours in the day right now.

  As I already mentioned, this works best when you’ve got a subject that will hold perfectly still.  I can’t wait to use it for flowers this summer.  Keeping the lens pressed tightly against the body of the camera makes a huge difference…you get a bunch of ugly “noise” if you don’t.

  The tutorial talks about a “bonus” to doing this, to help make more of the pic in focus, but I haven’t figured out what button on my T3 equates to the “DoF” mentioned.  Again, not enough hours.

  Either way, it’s a super cool trick that I’ll be keeping tucked in my back pocket while I’m tooling around with my camera!  If any of you with a T3 try this and figure out what the DoF is, let me know, would you?


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