Weekly Portraits- The Last Week of March

  Time for more pictures of those silly boys of mine!

  This first one I can’t claim any credit for what-so-ever.  I was hanging out in the office, fiddling with my camera when G came wandering in looking like this.  “I wanted to make you laugh” has become one of his most repeated refrains lately, and hoo boy did this do it.

  This next picture isn’t a great shot of R per se… while he’s definitely a determined little booger who will just keep trying and trying to get what he wants, that maniacal, action movie star look on his face here, isn’t quite him.  But, I thought it was a cool shot…and with 40 weeks worth of portraits still ahead of me, things are gonna get kind of boring if I refuse to use any shots that are “out of character”.

  I like this shot too…he’s not entirely in focus, but I like the softness of it and the way I got an unintentional bokeh effect where the sunlight from the window was reflected off the plant.

  Anyhow, it’s finally starting to warm up here, and we are (hopefully) headed out of the woods in regards to illnesses (stomach flu straight into sinus infection is not making this mama very productive) so hopefully I’ll have some finished projects to share with you guys soon.  This winter has been interminable, and I’ve all but given up on anything but trying to maintain the house at a level of “dull roar” while clinging to a few shreds of sanity.

  I am more than ready for some sunshine and some completed creative endeavors!


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