Weekly Portraits- The First Week of April

I just finished powering through putting the finishing touches on both fabric lines, so there’s not going to be much commentary on the pictures today.  I’m kind of in a place where it’d just be mindless gibbering if I tried.

R takes the lion’s share of the post…I tried out a new concept with him…him inside the house and me outside, looking in through the window.  It got some cool results, but was far more complicated than I expected.  I wound up having to use my body to block the light so that the camera would focus through the window on that sweet little baby face, and not just on the reflection of my front yard.  I’m not a particularly big lady.  The poses I had to be in while taking the shots really probably ought to have been recorded for posterity…

  For G I just did a quick mini-session in an antique chair my parents gave us.  He’s getting to be such a big guy…pictures like this one always kind of shock me.
…especially because there’s usually only one of them, in the midst of hundreds of shots like this:

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