Weekly Portraits-The Third Week of April (Pt 2)

It’s a good thing this is going up as 2 separate posts this week, G was feeling photogenic.  I actually had a hard time paring it down this far!  Hey, seeing as I skipped last week, I don’t feel too bad about having a bunch of good ones this week.

Since my plan to get R up on the table didn’t work out and I took pictures of him with me up above, I thought I’d reverse it for G, and had him climb up on his bed while I was on the ground.

I love how the paint on his wall makes this look like he’s jumping against a blue sky at first glance.  I wish we had blue skies instead of the snow we got today…

  Lately he barely cooperates when I want to take his pic (part of the reason there are usually more shots of R), but today he didn’t want me to put the camera down!
 (His socks say “celebrity in training”, in case his hamming it up for the camera didn’t make it clear)
  SUCH a ham.
  And one last shot…because I kind of love how it looks like a strange, toddler album cover.  Gotta love the neon glow the wall paint gave the whole picture.
  This is what typically happens when R wakes up from his nap.  Big brother has to help get him up.

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