Weekly Portraits- The Fourth Week of April

  Finally!  It’s warm/dry enough we were able to get outside and play this past week!

  The lighting on these was rough.  I picked high noon, in direct sunlight, because, well, that’s where the boys were.  Anybody who knows anything about photography can tell you that’s a terrible time/place to take pictures, especially when you’re working with munchkins who aren’t terribly cooperative about posing with the light hitting them in a nicer way…but uh, I did it anyhow.  So forgive the harsh, harsh shadows and squinched up eyes.
  This guy has decided in the last few days that crawling is pretty lame, and is walking all over the place.  He has also upped the climbing, and gotten so grabby that we had to put child locks on a half dozen cabinets and drawers that went through G’s babyhood without them.  Not because there was anything dangerous in them mind you, but because I was spending 90% of my day cleaning up Tupperware, pots and pans and casserole dishes after he yanked them out.  It’s cute the first 2 or 3 times.  By the tenth time that day, you want to cry.
  For G’s pictures we added the challenge of a helmet to the mix.  Glaringly bright sun, directly overhead + giant, shade throwing helmet sending his face into darkness?  Yeah okay, I’m game.

  G was super excited to get his trike out again.  We’ve already done a ride downtown with it and it seems like he’s angling to get out on it just about every morning.  Our neighbors were kind enough to bring over an old two wheel bike that their daughter had grown out of, so we’re starting to let him try his hand at balancing on two wheels instead of 3, but until we get some training wheels, that bike is only usable with Mom or Dad holding the seat behind him…a not very tenable situation when R is outside too.
  The flowers are blooming, the trees are budding out, the birds are everywhere and, despite the vicious swings back towards cold weather we keep getting, spring is finally here.  I’m so excited to get out and play in the dirt soon!


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