Weekly Portraits-The First Week of May

  Another rainy morning kept us inside today.  We’ve actually gotten outside quite a bit in the last week, but never when I’ve had my camera on hand.  Poor little R good and walloped his face (as you can see) yesterday.  He was “helping” me with some yard work, and decided to see how well his face could catch him on the driveway.  Here’s hoping he figured out that that isn’t really what faces are for, and doesn’t try it again.

  We decided to make a train track together.  R mostly filled his usual role, as “the monster of Sodor” and ran around pulling apart the track as quickly as it was built, much to his older brother’s chagrin.

  Disputes about destruction aside though, they’re finally starting to really play together, and I love it!

  The little one gave me this lovely shot:
…but when I start getting poses like this, I know it’s time to put the camera away.

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