Weekly Portraits- The Last Week of May

  Another week I’ve dropped the ball on.  Oh well, I’m definitely hitting my bare minimum of every month…I’m going to go ahead and give myself a little bit of slack.

  The last few days we’ve been getting outside when we can, but there have also been thunderstorms rolling through.  G decided he wanted to build a “pirate ship” and yanked all of the cushions off of our couch to do so.  It has quickly become our favorite indoor game.  The pillows all get piled into a big heap, and the “deck” (made of the two, large, flat cushions that make up the base of the couch) becomes a dance stage.

  Being as crazy into super heros as he has been lately, most of his dance moves consist of “blasting” and “web slinging”.  All that dancing is a lot of work, so we all take turns.
  R on the other hand, does laps around the “ship”, occasionally stopping to “butt-hug” me.  …I’m not sure if this is a “normal” phase that all kids go through, but both of my boys have done it.  They go in hard for a hug, and then at the last minute, turn away so instead of a hug, it’s you holding onto them while they sit on your lap, or just refusing to look at you while you hug them.  It’s awkwardly adorable.
  He’s getting lots of mileage in walking now, but, poor kid, kinda looks like he has been brawling.  I told my husband, he doesn’t ever hurt himself when he’s doing something that you’d expect him to get hurt…he’ll climb up on the top of something insane and be, like, hopping on one foot while waving a sword (WHO GAVE HIM THAT SWORD?!?) and he’ll be fine…but then five minutes later he’ll be walking on a perfectly flat surface, and totally bite it, giving himself a black eye (see exhibit A above).
  As for me, when I’m not herding cats, I’m working on prototypes, artwork and trying to tame some of the overgrown flower beds in our yard that got neglected last summer.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a little bit more sewing and creative stuff up on here soon!

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