Sewing that Stretches- A Prototype for Leggings

Edesigns Activewear is slowly but surely getting off the ground, and leggings are next on the list of items to be added.  Most of the spandex items I’ve designed so far have wound up being too large for me on the first try, and I’ve had to take the patterns in to accomplish a true extra small.  The leggings?  Not so much.

Sewing the Stretches- Prototype for Leggings

…for whatever reason, these barely fit me, so I’ll need to add a half inch or so to the pattern width to make them more comfortable.  Not sure if I simply overcompensated because the other pieces have all been too big or what, but lets just say that it’s a good thing I don’t breathe through my knees!  I’ll be testing these out at class tonight and making any further modifications to the pattern I find I need when I get home.

If you’re a gymnast, an aerialist, an acrobat, a yogi or a dancer who is interested in any of the spandex pieces I’ve been making lately, you’re in luck.  I’m planning to list some on eBay before too terribly long to get a gauge of what kind of interest there is online, so you’ll have an opportunity to purchase them.  If you have a specific request for fabrics or sizing, please don’t hesitate to hop over to the Facebook page and send me a message!


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