Clean Your Grout Without Harsh Cleansers

  Whoever chose the flooring in my downstairs bathroom was a sick, mean person.  White tile with white grout?  With hair as dark as mine, light floors are particularly bad, but I can’t imagine how anybody keeps white floors looking anything but filthy.
  Obviously the people who lived here before us didn’t try particularly hard; the grout was in pretty bad shape when we moved in.  However, I can’t exactly claim to have done anything about it myself until now.
  I hate harsh cleaners, and bleach is by far my least favorite, so I wasn’t entirely sure how to clean the now-blackened white grout without going out and buying something that was going to sear my eyeballs out.
  Thank god for Pinterest.  I wish I could credit a particular pin/site for this idea, but honestly it’s just something I kept seeing pinned and mostly ignoring…until I randomly decided I had to clean my grout rightnow and tried out what I vaguely remembered being recommended.
  I busted out my trusty baking soda and made a paste out of it with water like I do for exfoliating my face, except maybe a smidge drier.  I used an old toothbrush to spread it on my grout and poured a little bit of hydrogen peroxide on it before scrubbing.  I used vinegar to clean everything up at the end.
  You can see just how well it worked.  Only problem is, in my random decision to clean my grout, I didn’t take into account how long it was going to take me to do the whole floor…and if I had that amount of time (I didn’t), so now I have a patch of extremely clean grout…that makes the rest look even more atrocious.  
  It’s a good thing my Mr. didn’t marry me for my housekeeping skills.