Closet tricks

Adding Lighting- One Simple Improvement to Keep Your Closet Organized

  When we first moved into our house, one of the things I was the most excited about was our closet.  Call me a dork if you will, but the previous owners had put in a California style organizational system similar to what I’d been attempting to jerry-rig in our houses and apartments for as long as I could remember.  But, somehow, despite the organization system, we never seemed able to keep things from getting destroyed in there.
  Finally, I realized why.  It was too dark!  We couldn’t actually see anything and so when things would slip off hangers we couldn’t find them and it was difficult to see what we had, what needed to be gotten rid of and what was just out of place.
  The Mr. and I have talked about running true lighting in there (there’s currently one lightbulb, just inside the door, that’s rendered essentially useless by shelves…I wish that first shot were exaggerated darkness.  It’s not), but because of the way our house is built, getting the wiring to it would be difficult.  We attempted stick-on lights, but because the ceiling is slanted, they only pointed at one half of the room…and they kept falling off anyhow.
  Finally, one day it occurred to me that I could use rope lights.
  I measured the baseboards of our closet, originally intending just to light the floor, and headed to my local hardware store.  I started with 24 ft of lighting, an extension cord to run power into my closet and one of these “remote switch” extension cords so I wouldn’t have to plug and unplug everything when I wanted to use it.
  As you can see in the pictures above, I very quickly decided I wanted more lights.  I went back for another 24 feet so I could run lighting under my main shelves as well.
  Now, I’m not going to say that this has changed my closet from night to day…it hasn’t.  But it has made the difference between my never in a million years seeing that two of my favorite shirts (above) had fallen off the hangers onto the floor and my immediately seeing them and picking them up.  The difference between having to guess at which of my dresses I was pulling out of the closet until I was to the door and being able to determine which is black and which is navy.
  We still have organizing to do.  Both of us have more clothing than we need (me especially) and that makes it tough to keep things in order, but this is a huge step in the right direction.  Instead of just pawing aimlessly through my stuff, I can see what I have and easily pull things that I don’t want anymore out!
  Not bad for $50 and an afternoon of work!