Festive Flamingos?

  Well, I haven’t done a whole heck of a lot of sewing this week.  Most of my time has been occupied by moving everything up onto shelves in the office, cleaning to prepare for our yearly pre-Thanksgiving get together and dealing with a bit of a grumpy preschooler thanks to a bug that cut him down to size for a day.

  That being said, I did stitch this little guy up:

  I joined Aunt Peaches’ Flamingo Ornament Exchange because, well, why not?  My tree is pretty well populated with birds, so a flamingo certainly wasn’t going to be an off-the-wall addition and it seemed like a quick, fun project.
  To get the basic shape, I did a google search for flamingos, cut the body out of a pink cotton I had some scraps of and tossed in some ribbon for legs and a hang tag when I sewed it up.  I stuffed the body (easier said than done with that long skinny neck!) and stitched it shut.  The beak got wrapped in black and white felt to really pin down that “flamingo” feel and then I went nuts with the beads and sequins.
  I’m terrible about getting to the post office, so hopefully I’ll remember to do it in the next few days so this critter can be sent off to his new home!

Calvin and Hobbes- My Sweet Little Boys’ Halloween

  Alright, so first things first, I’m going to warn you, I’m a failure as a blogger and mother when it comes to photos this Halloween.  Between the rain, the preschooler’s aversion to even slightly-damp clothing, the boys napping in shifts and my just being lazy, I didn’t get a single picture of the boys together.  I also only got pictures with my phone.
  Boo, hiss, I suck…whatever.  I’m over it.  Lets get on to the cute pictures already.

  Isn’t R just the cutest Calvin you’ve ever seen?  …probably because he’s not old enough to get into any of the trouble that comic-book-Calvin is always giving his parents…
  I was shocked by the utter impossibility of finding a plain red shirt for him.  Apparently kids aren’t allowed to have clothing without pictures on it?  I wound up buying 2T-3T white undershirts and tossing one in a bath of Rit dye.  I used cherry red.  Be warned, cherry red is suspiciously close to fushia pink.  After I finished dyeing it, I used a sharpie to draw the imperfect, sketched on, comic book black lines.

  And here is our Hobbes, finally cooperating with having a picture taken…and, of course, his absolutely necessary tail.
  I’ve already walked you through how I made the pants and sweater…the tail is just a long, skinny rectangle that I stuffed, sewed shut and stitched onto an elastic belt.
  I’m desperately hoping that he decides to wear the pieces of this as part of his everyday wardrobe.  I spent a stupid amount of time on this costume otherwise.  I was a little annoyed when I started that I wasn’t going to be able to make the pieces match, but honestly, I sort of love it now that it’s done.  I think it makes it more playful.  3 year olds, even 3 year old tigers, oughtn’t need to match.
  Finally, because Halloween is my favorite holiday and I can’t stand to be left out of the dress-up fun, I threw together this costume at the literal last minute:

  The rain just kept coming down and didn’t show any signs of letting up, so I racked my brain for costumes that integrated an umbrella.  Mary Poppins was the obvious choice!
  I hope all of you enjoyed your Halloweens as much as we enjoyed ours!

G’s Halloween Costume, a Work in Progress

  So I don’t actually have my Drape Drape 3 top from last week finished yet.  I realized how fast the end of the month is coming, and that I hadn’t started on Halloween costumes for the boys yet.  I can definitely wait on having yet another black top in my wardrobe in order for the kiddos to have costumes, so I got to work on these pants for G.

  They aren’t finished yet because those stripes are taking eternity and R is cutting teeth and G is Captain Attitude lately and so I’ve had very, very limited time to sew.  That being said, I think they’re going to be awesome when they’re done.  I’ve lined them with fleece (that’s the pink peeking out at the top) so they’ll keep his legs nice and warm and the outside is cotton with taffeta stripes. 
 Shiny tiger!  Cuz they’re extra fierce that way you know.
  Anyhow, this has been my sewing project this week.  I’m hoping to finish it up over the weekend and get started on the sweater that will be going with them.  Rye has a coordinating costume that I haven’t started yet (yipes!) but his should be pretty quick and easy.  Can you guess what he’s going to be?