Button Necklace, inspired by alex and chloe

  Pinterest is such a wonderful treasure trove of inspiration for me.  I get exposed to all sorts of designers, brands and ideas that I never would have come across on my own.

  Alex and Chloe is one of those brands.  When I saw the picture above on Pinterest I fell in love.  As a seamstress, I have a bit of a weakness for buttons, but unfortunately, while the Alex and Chloe versions are fabulous, to say that their starting price of $100 is a bit out of my comfort range would be rather understating things.
  Luckily, this idea is perfectly DIY-able, and I already had all the supplies on hand.
  The main challenge of making this work is finding a combination of chain and button that fit together.  You need either a really fine chain, or a button with a rather large hole.  I busted out my collection of chains and antique buttons and split the difference so I didn’t need to buy anything.  Somewhat delicate chain and a shell button that had a slightly larger than average hole.  Once the button was threaded onto the chain, I attached my closures, hung it ’round my neck and pretty much haven’t taken it off since.
  Soooo, I know I’m supposed to be working on smiling more in pictures, but the boys were giving me hell all morning when I took these, so I was in more of a “scowl at the camera” kind of mood.   Besides, a smile would have totally ruined the “Girl with the Pearl Button Necklace”, historical-drama novel look going on in the close up shot anyhow.
  This is such a quick and easy craft to throw together, with such great results!  Break out your own button collection and find a pretty one to wear.
  By the way, speaking of easy projects, the top I have on is one of the altered maternity tops I told you about a month or so ago!

Scrap Necklace

  As a seamstress, I always have scraps of fabric laying about.  Bits of things that are just too pretty to get rid of, but aren’t really big enough to make anything out of.  Having a baby helps with the problem, because their things are of course teenie tiny, but some scraps are even too small for baby clothing.

  You might have noticed that I really hate throwing things away when I can find a use for them.  In my mind, using stuff I already have means not spending money on those things, which means trips to the tropics!  ….it doesn’t always work out that way, but that’s the process in my head.  (Just gonna keep reusing things til I wind up in Tahiti…it’s gotta work one of these days)
  This necklace is a great re-use for two things that otherwise would have gotten thrown away.  Scraps of fabric and an old necklace that I wasn’t wearing.
  Here’s what you need:
Fabric, chain, jewelry rings, ribbon clamp ends, closure, scissors and jewelry tools
  Really sharp eyed readers may recognize that necklace.  We’ve seen it before.
I’ve been staring at it for a month trying to decide how to use it
  So first things first, we want to cut our fabric and necklace into pieces.  We want 3 strips of each, we’re going to braid them together.
  You can sew the pieces together at the top if you’re worried about them coming loose, or just clamp all of them in the ribbon end and call it good.  
  Channel your inner friendship bracelet making 5th grader, safety pin the whole thing to your leg and braid it together.  Clamp the other end shut with the other ribbon end when you finish.
  Don’t be afraid to let the beads hang a little loosely through the braid.
  Attach your chain to one side and decide the length you want for your necklace.  I liked mine best at a choker length, so my chain is very short.
  Once you’ve attached your chain and closures, you’re ready to go!  Toss on a neutral top and let your new necklace shine!
  Do you plan to make this?  Do you want to help send me to Tahiti?  Either way, leave me a comment and let me know!