Weekly Portraits-The Last Week of July

Just one portrait this week, after last week’s deluge.

Weekly Portraits- the Last Week of July


Weekly Portraits- The Fourth Week of July- SO Many Brothers Pictures

I wound up with more great pictures of the boys than I know what to do with this session.  Grandparents, get ready, you’ve hit the mother-load this week.  The light in my bedroom in the afternoons tends to be wonderful for photographs, so I dragged the boys upstairs, tossed them on my bed, and shot while they played.  They had both just gotten up from naps and were in a very loving mood, which resulted in lots of extremely sweet shots.  Shots I plan on clinging to when they knock each other down and steal each other’s toys and are generally being horrible little monsters to each other.

G helped me get my settings right for the light before we started:

Weekly Portraits- The Fourth Week of July

Then it was time to play!

Weekly Portraits- The Fourth Week of July

Weekly Portraits- The Fourth Week of July

Weekly Portraits- The Fourth Week of July

Weekly Portraits- The Fourth Week of July

Weekly Portraits- The Fourth Week of July

If these all look pretty sedate, there’s a reason.  These kiddos move FAST, and me, being silly, I didn’t change over to sport mode.  So, most of the “action” shots are blurred streaks of hair and teeth.  The ones that are in focus are almost all from resting in between bursts of activity.  Ah well.  Some day I’ll learn better!

Weekly Portraits- The Second Week of July (Extra-Handsome Faces Edition)

OH I’m such a good mom, capturing my boys at their absolute most striking and documenting it for posterity!  *snickers*

Don’t feed these monsters after midnight folks.

Weekly Portraits-Second week of July

Weekly Portraits-Second week of July

Weekly Portraits-Second week of July

Weekly Portraits-Second week of July


…and yes, that IS the face R has been making that I mentioned last week.  I get it at least a dozen times a day.  It’s kind of my most favorite thing at the moment.

Summer Clothing- “So THAT’S why there has been so much laundry lately.”

G’s wardrobe was seeming a little thin this summer.  Once we hit the stretches of consistent heat, it seemed like he never had enough shorts to make it more than a few days.  As a result, I sewed him up a couple of new pairs.

Summer Clothing-"So that's why there's so much laundry"


That second pair was made for a performance we went to at the aerial gym that was “Midsummer” themed, and that impish grin is awful appropriate, since, after I finished the shorts, I found that he had MORE than enough shorts, and the reason he never seemed to have any was because he was changing 3-4 times a day…every time he so much as dripped a bit of water on himself.  Oy.

R also got an outfit for the performance:

Summer Clothing-"So that's why there's so much laundry"

I used the same basic idea I did with the tshirt for G’s Batman pajamas and clipped out some images from a sample of Spoonflower’s new microsuede before stitching around the edges.

G’s shorts were both made with the basic sleep short pattern, but I added patch pockets, trimmed with bias tape made from leftover Batman fabric, to the blue pair after he expressed disappointment the green shorts were pocket free.

He’s a tyrant, that G.


Weekly Portraits- The Last Week of June

It was a wild week here.  We headed to the pool with a cousin, had dinner with several friends, went to the park,  danced like crazy people in the living room and generally enjoyed the sunshine.

Oh…and the boys attacked their daddy.

G is very in to playing Spiderman lately.  He’s Spiderman and whoever is playing with him is “the black Spiderman” or “the gooey Spiderman”.  We told him that the character’s name is Venom, but he can’t seem to remember it.  When he asks us to remind him of the name we tell him he’s named “Cody Ann”.  …he doesn’t appreciate our humor.  Yet.

Weekly Portraits- The Last Week of JuneWeekly Portraits- The Last Week of June

Weekly Portraits- The Last Week of June

Weekly Portraits- The Last Week of June



Weekly Portraits- The Third Week of June

It’s always fun watching little kids play.  I mean, sometimes it’s also incredibly frustrating, because they’re dismantling your furniture and won’t stop slapping the cat…but it’s always fascinating to see how they re-purpose the items in their lives to make them more suited to play.

  The table my Mr. made has small spaces in the supporting legs that are just perfect for a train or car to drive through.  Both boys take advantage of it, but R is at just the right size where it’s one of his favorite places to play.
  I took G outside to play while R slept the other afternoon, and gravel around some pavers became a mountain for his car to climb, and a puddle in a tree root became a lake for his boat.


Weekly Portraits- The Second Week of June

  Hoo boy, these kids aren’t getting any easier to photograph.  The little one doesn’t ever stop moving, so literally every picture I’ve taken of him this week is blurred.

  G isn’t much better.  I caught him during one of his rare television shows though, so he more or less humored me.
  Maybe I need to start wearing roller skates to chase them with the camera?

Batman Pajama Set

Not sure what is in the air lately (other than the obvious answer of “lots of pollen”) but I’ve been cranking projects out left and right the past few weeks.

Hot weather showed up here in Michigan out of the blue, as it tends to do, and it became quickly apparent that G didn’t have any warm weather pjs.  He jammed his now 4 year old body into his old, knit cotton pjs, but, as hilarious as the results were, they didn’t look terribly comfortable.

The next time I was at the fabric store, I was browsing the remnants baskets and found a roll of printed Batman cotton.  G is really more into Ironman and Spiderman at this point, but in his current mindset, any superhero is a good superhero, so I snapped it up and made these:

  First off, if you’re looking at that tshirt and thinking “wow, that looks grungy”, that’s because it is.  I hadn’t really intended to make a matching top to go with the shorts, but in the process of pulling outgrown clothing out of G’s drawers, I happened upon a beat up, ignored, plain white tshirt, and decided that it’d see more love if it had some Batman slapped on it.
  For the shorts, I went back to the pillowcase sleep short pattern that I’d drafted last summer.  To add the panel to the shirt, I cut a square, ironed the unfinished edges to the back and ran a single line of stitching as close to the edge as I possibly could.  It turned out surprisingly well.
  G lovvvves them and I keep having to remind him that, while he can wear them a couple nights in a row if he puts them under his pillow in the morning, they’re pajamas, not out in public clothes.
  As successful as this was, I’m absolutely going to be keeping an eye out for other themed fabric that I can use to update t-shirts for him!


Weekly Portraits- The Last Week of May

  Another week I’ve dropped the ball on.  Oh well, I’m definitely hitting my bare minimum of every month…I’m going to go ahead and give myself a little bit of slack.

  The last few days we’ve been getting outside when we can, but there have also been thunderstorms rolling through.  G decided he wanted to build a “pirate ship” and yanked all of the cushions off of our couch to do so.  It has quickly become our favorite indoor game.  The pillows all get piled into a big heap, and the “deck” (made of the two, large, flat cushions that make up the base of the couch) becomes a dance stage.

  Being as crazy into super heros as he has been lately, most of his dance moves consist of “blasting” and “web slinging”.  All that dancing is a lot of work, so we all take turns.
  R on the other hand, does laps around the “ship”, occasionally stopping to “butt-hug” me.  …I’m not sure if this is a “normal” phase that all kids go through, but both of my boys have done it.  They go in hard for a hug, and then at the last minute, turn away so instead of a hug, it’s you holding onto them while they sit on your lap, or just refusing to look at you while you hug them.  It’s awkwardly adorable.
  He’s getting lots of mileage in walking now, but, poor kid, kinda looks like he has been brawling.  I told my husband, he doesn’t ever hurt himself when he’s doing something that you’d expect him to get hurt…he’ll climb up on the top of something insane and be, like, hopping on one foot while waving a sword (WHO GAVE HIM THAT SWORD?!?) and he’ll be fine…but then five minutes later he’ll be walking on a perfectly flat surface, and totally bite it, giving himself a black eye (see exhibit A above).
  As for me, when I’m not herding cats, I’m working on prototypes, artwork and trying to tame some of the overgrown flower beds in our yard that got neglected last summer.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a little bit more sewing and creative stuff up on here soon!