It’s All Too Much-A Review

  I’ve been trying to pare down the stuff in our lives for over 2 years now.  It has been an ongoing process, but we’ve finally had a break through.  This book has been a big part of it.

  …the copy of Peter Walsh’s “It’s All Too Much” that I checked out of the library did not have the author staring at me creepily from the cover.  I’m glad, because that probably would have put me off checking it out, and this book was insanely helpful.

  My Mr. laughed at me a little bit while I was reading this because I had a really hard time getting through it.  Not because it was hard to read mind you, but because I kept wanting to jump up and get rid of things or organize every time I finished a page.

  There’s a ton of information in it, and I’m not really going to dig into it a ton here, but probably the most useful thing for us was the simple advice to change the way that you look at rooms.  Instead of saying “we have all this stuff, where do we put it?”, look at your room and say “I want this room to be used for x, y and z” and remove anything that doesn’t serve those purposes.  Don’t worry about “but where are we going to put it?!?” just now, just take it out of that room.
  The book suggests you sit down and make up a chart for each of the rooms in your home detailing what’s in there now and how it is currently used versus how you’d like to have it function…and the things that ought to be removed.  Actually sitting down and doing it was excruciating and we couldn’t bring ourselves to do it for every room in the house, but it gave us a really strong place to start and got me and the Mr. on the same page as to what we were trying to do.
  I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten more done, thrown away or donated more stuff and gotten our house closer to where we want it in the last two months than in any other period in the last two years.  On top of that, it’s kind of sick how much easier it is to keep things clean and easily found when there are so many fewer of them!  Paring stuff down has gotten a little addicting.
  So, I suppose it goes without saying, if you’re looking to organize and simplify your home (and really, who isn’t?) I highly recommend this book.
  The hope is, of course, now that we’re getting to a point where I can do less manic cleaning and cursing while trying to find my things, I’ll be able to create more.  We’ll see how it all turns out!