This is the project that never ends…

  Usually when I post projects on here, I’m going to make sure they’re finished first.  It’s all well and good that I’m working on something, but it’s much more satisfying to be able to see the process from start to finish, don’t you think?  This project is an exception, because it’s the kind that isn’t intended to ever truly be finished.  (Stay with me here, don’t have a heart attack quite yet)

  I found this link through StumbleUpon this past spring and I knew it was something I had to do.  We love entertaining and seem to always be coming up with reasons to throw a party.  The next big one is our annual Friends Thanksgiving, and our tablecloth will definitely be on the table.
  The basic idea is that your friends and family each leave a message or draw a doodle at the gathering.  You then use needle and embroidery thread to stitch the message onto the tablecloth for good!  I have our friends use pencil for their messages.  It washes out easily so if my embroidery isn’t EXACTLY on top of their writing (or if there winds up being a less-than-appropriate message I maybe don’t want forever emblazoned on my tablecloth), the pencil will be gone after a wash.
  Anybody who can follow a line can do this project.  Seriously.  It takes some time, but it’s a really good tv watching project.  I personally used a large cut of muslin to make my tablecloth (I just hemmed the edges) but it would also work to start with a pre-made tablecloth.
  For my center emblem I found a monogram I liked here and printed it out.  I put the print out behind the tablecloth against a window and traced it.  Using a lightbox would have been far easier, but I don’t have a lightbox.  Yet.  (Hint hint people who like to get me gifts).
  For everything else, I’ve just left a pencil or two on the table during our parties and let our guests go wild!  I ask people to sign their work and then I add in the dates when I embroider them.
  If you don’t see something you’ve written, it’s probably been too long since you’ve visited!