Home improvement

Home Improvements/Maintenance Take Precedence

  Now that the weather is warming up the Mr. and I have been compiling our summer to-do list.  One of the things my Mr. has talked about doing for a long time is putting ceiling fans or a whole house fan into our upstairs.  Ceiling fans are a slightly smaller project, but I’m bratty picky about the fans I can stand like so we decided to go the whole house fan route.

  Sunday morning our power was out for scheduled maintenance but my Mr. forged ahead anyhow, it was supposed to be back on by 8am, so we figured it should be soon.
  Our house is old, so the vast majority of the walls and ceilings are plaster.  Plaster is a penny to cut without making an enormous mess.  Knowing this, the Mr. created a plastic sheet tent around the area he was going to be sawing in.  He swears it helped an incredible amount…but…uh….
  That layer of plaster dust you can see on my dining room table extended all the way into both my living room and my kitchen…and I don’t even want to talk about the bedrooms upstairs.  We’ll just say that everybody got new sheets and their beds got good and wiped down before it was time to sleep and leave it at that.
  Thank god we have a generator or we wouldn’t have even been able to vacuum…the power didn’t come back on til after 3pm.
  G was really into helping my Mr., so when the saw came out and it got too dangerous for 3 year old “help”, I hauled the boys into the basement to keep them out of the way.  Once we realized how much dust was in the air we decided it was best if they stayed down there til it settled.  That gave me a chance to get some serious work done on a play space for G down there, like we’ve been promising him since R was born.
  Still a lot of work to do down there.  Like most people, we’ve used our basement as a bit of a catch-all for things we weren’t entirely sure what to do with, but at least there’s a space carved out for him now.  I set up his house (it was actually mine when I was a little girl…that beast has seen some wear), he has an art center (I used a hanging fruit basket on a chain hung from the ceiling beams to hold his markers and crayons) and he has space to tool around in his giant plastic car without my wincing every time he runs into something.
  More importantly, for his sanity and mine, he has somewhere he can go play loudly and rambunctiously without my giving him a hard time about waking/scaring/hurting the baby.
  Meanwhile, I’m cleaning everything (and I do mean everything) in my house to get rid of the plaster dust.  Every time the light changes I see somewhere else I missed!  So, no craft this week, us not breathing in airborne ceiling takes precedence over making a new necklace any day!