My New “Baby”

Things have been awful quiet around here, I know.  I hope you all know that it’s not because I’ve forgotten you!  I’ve simply been immersed, well over my head, in getting my new business off the ground.

Edesigns Activewear

The sewing and pattern making portion of the business is, of course, rather old hat.  But that doesn’t mean that testing the patterns, grading them to fit people other than me and making sure they can hold up to the rigors of heavy use isn’t a time intensive process.  And things like appropriately pricing my work, figuring out how to distribute and market it and which task should be prioritized are all brand new to me.  Plus, my assistants are always wanting to take hammock breaks.

The Facebook page for the company is waking up and filling out and I’ve just launched a company blog for those who are curious about the how and why of each garment’s design.  I’d love it if you’d stop by, check them out and say hi!

I miss posting here regularly!  I finally finished the fancy fabric version of M6442 and owe you guys a post about it…but as you might guess with finishing a wool coat in high summer, I haven’t exactly been itching to put it on to take photos.  Lots of other projects have been dropped by the wayside, or have gone undocumented in the wake of the budding spandex empire, but, hopefully, once things get underway and I have a better idea of what’s required to make the machine go (heh…yes, I realize I’M the machine) I’ll be able to get back to my crafty ways!


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