Prototypes and Small Projects

I haven’t shared much sewing on the blog lately.  It hasn’t been because I haven’t been sewing, but because I’ve mostly been sewing things you guys have already seen.

My lavender sachets have been hanging out in my closets and pantries for a while now, and were losing their potency, so I decided it was time for some new ones.

  I decided to use some of my fabric.  I had some extra swatches kicking around that hadn’t made it onto my board for Quilt Market for one reason or another (color change, scale change, ect) and decided that rather than keeping them around, rolled up and not seen, I’d make them into pretties for myself.  This is my Iris Dot pattern, in the Frosted colorway.
  The other sewing I’ve been doing has mostly been working on prototypes for aerial clothing.
  I’ve been making a large percentage of my own stuff, and quite a few of the instructors have been enviously eyeing my leos and shorts, and encouraging me to make some for them to buy.
  Now, since I’ve got a lot of other irons in the fire, I may not exactly take off with a full out spandex empire, but I figured that standardizing the patterns I’m using can do nothing but save me time in the future when I go to make my own…and, if I crank out a couple to sell, it’s only a bonus.  So, lots and lots of pairs of tiny shorts to go over leggings, and a couple new leos to work out the exact fit of the leg holes and get the neckline where I want it.
  Lots of sewing, but not much to show off!

Checking in

Yikes I’m behind!  Just got back from Quilt Market and am entirely and completely fried.  I have pictures of the boys from last week (R got his first haircut!) and a finished project to update everybody on, but right now I’m utterly tanked.

  This is only half of the convention I just spent the last 3 days at…

Designing Fabrics- Harder Than It Looks

I’ve been promising you guys I’d write this post for a while now.  “When I get the collections to where I’m happy with them.”  …turns out that has been a far more arduous process than I expected.

Typically color is my thing.  I can look at your dress once and find you coordinating shoes without you taking the dress out of the bag again (though you probably will, because you won’t believe that the color I’m pointing at will be just right).  This is different.  For one thing, there’s the aspect of all of this being on a computer.  Every computer monitor displays things at least slightly differently, and then when you go to print things out, you’re liable to get yet another set of colors.  Freehand picking colors doesn’t tend to work out so hot as a result.

Another part of it is the quilting aspect.  I don’t really quilt, so learning about lights, mids, darks and how they all tend to be integrated is brand new to me.  Here I thought I was just going to be able to make a bunch of pretty fabrics that had complementary colors and call it good…

The Watch and See collection is to a place where I think I’m happy with calling it ready to go.

If you click through to my first post on these fabrics, you’ll see how many small alterations I’ve made.  The whole collection got broken into two, distinct colorways, most of the patterns got smaller to make them more suited to quilting, and some new prints got added.  …it only broke my heart slightly to admit that no matter what I did, that orange that looks so lovely with the purples, was never ever going to play nicely with the lime green.

So then we move on to my second collection.  Brace yourself, this version is ugly.

  I’m currently on the third color pallet for this line.  (The pic above is of the second)  The first was free-hand picking, and while I loved loved loved how some of the individual prints turned out, I just couldn’t get the colors to play nicely together like that.  The one above was my grabbing two pallets off of a color pallet generating site and deciding they could work together because they both contained the “neutral” teals (I should know better).  I kept building and building, adding more prints, hoping that I was just missing some piece to make things come together, but after banging my head against it long enough that I needed to take a break, I realized that it’s just muddy.  …there’s also way too much negative space in the daisy and snow cathedral prints.
  So now the line is coming together like this:

…I still have a lot of work to do.  I’m pleased with the cabbage rose prints, but the daisies aren’t quite right yet.  I’m also not sure the yellow cabbage rose print is exactly what I want.  I’d prefer a darker blue background I think, but the blue I really like for it drags it pretty quickly away from the “light” category into a mid and I’m left with no light cabbage rose…

So this is what I do in the moments between prying the children off the ceiling and trying to sneak a moment or two of sleep in.

I do have a handful of little sewing projects that I’m doing a seam or two on every once in a while, so I’ll get those up as soon as they’re completed.  Hope all of you are doing well!  I’d love to hear from you guys now that I’ve fallen off the edge of the world… leave me a comment!

Fabric Fury- Designing like a Madwoman.

  Seems like the only things I’ve been creating lately are fabrics!  There are certainly worse things…I’m pleased with how things are coming together, but it doesn’t make for terribly exciting posts for you guys.

  I’ve had to learn a lot more about quilting in this process than I expected.  As someone who exclusively sews clothing, I’ve struggled with the idea of developing a line that contains lights, darks AND mid tone patterns.  It drives me crazy to purposely make fabrics that seem boring on their own (mid tones), even though I understand that you need those when you quilt.

  I’m pretty constantly tinkering with the collections, so don’t be surprised if you click through to the shop and it looks absolutely nothing like this, but at the moment at least, this is where the collections stand.
  Watch and See is just about to the point I’m comfortable with it being a completed collection.  I need to do a second colorway for the “sight lines” print, but then I think I can call it good for the moment.  The “Seasons” collection is going to take more work…including a different name.
  I have a couple of “homeless” prints that I designed with one of these two in mind, that didn’t wind up quite fitting, including this bird print:
  They were originally going to be summer birds to go with the winter trees and spring daisies…but the style just doesn’t mesh.  Sigh.
  I’ve had a few little sewing projects I’ve completed that I need to get photographed to post, including refashioning some long tank tops into leotards for my aerial classes, but the sunlight just hasn’t been cooperating for photography lately.  Once we dig out of the most recent polar vortex and see some sun I promise I’ll share!  Until then, I’d love to hear what you have been working on lately.

Welcome to Our New Home!

  Thank you so much for following me to this new location!  This setup gives me a lot more flexibility to design the page.  Add things I’d like to, and keep things I DON’T want on it OFF (goodbye annoying top of the page ad!)

  I’ve got a lot of work to get everything transferred over here still.  The old blog has over 600 posts on it.  So far I’ve transferred between 40-50.  I have to do each one manually…and then eventually I’ll have to go back and change all the links so they redirect here instead of back to the GoDaddy site.  Blah.
  In the meantime, I’m also working like crazy on the fabric lines for Quilt Market in May.  I’ve added another one to my Spoonflower shop since my last update!
  If you’re crazy about the designs and want yardage, all except the new Spring Daisy print are now available for purchase.  
  The Mr. and I have been working on several projects around the house, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you soon!