Hand sewing til I Finish Cleaning

  So I’m pretty sure you guys are going to decide that I must not really want to sew that badly…I’m taking so long to get my room in shape…but events just keep conspiring against my plowing through it.  G won’t nap…or when he does, I need a nap myself…or we have guests…or, or, or…
  It’s still a mess in here.
  But, I need my sewing in one form or another, so I’ve started a hand sewn project for until I can get back to my machines.
  I bought the Alabama Studio Sewing + Design book a couple weeks ago and it showed up in the mail over the weekend.  This book is full to brimming with gorgeous pieces…all of which I want in my closet now…and essentially none of which will actually fit me until at least next summer.
  Maybe that’s a good thing based on how little I seem to be getting done lately!
  One of the things in the book that will fit me, regardless of how big I get soon, is one of those hats you can see if you click through the link.  Granted, with 80s this whole week and a high of 95 predicted for tomorrow, I’m not in need of a hat just yet, but part of what makes the pieces in this book so spectacular is the hand embellishment done on all of them.
  So, right now I’m using one of her less ambitious stencils and sitting with my needle, thread and beads and stitching away on my hat pieces.
  If I work hard I just might have this hat done in time for Thanksgiving.

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